General Mills Yoplait Knight 01 | Gerber Construction

General Mills Yoplait Knight

General Mills Project “Knight” was built to facilitate additional production lines needed for the Yoplait manufacturing facility. This project was unique as the structural components were heavy / industrial, yet the exterior finishes are aesthetically pleasing.

Some interesting points in the construction of this building include:

  • (123) 75 ton capacity augercast piles +/- 40′ below grade.
  • Concrete pile caps, grade beams & concrete footings.
  • 24″ sq precast concrete columns, 8″ thick precast walls, precast beams, &  precast double T ceilings.
  • Brick veneer with burnished block accents at exterior.
  • Decorative louvers.
  • Chemical resistant dairy brick flooring with epoxy grout.
  • Polyurethane coatings.

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Industrial, aesthetically pleasing construction